Cellular/LTE/4G remote power switch that Just Works

Download the app, scan the QR and you can control SwitcheOn. No confusing SMS messages to learn, no SIM cards, no adding phones or authorizing numbers.


SwitcheOn Features

    • 2 or 4 channels and up to 15 amps (1800 watts)
    • Temperature sensor
    • Bright OLED display
      • Local and ZULU time
      • Signal status
      • Power/port status
      • Temperature
    • Mobile apps for iOS and Android
    • No wifi, hotspot or additional SIM/service required!
  • 2 channel: $249 Buy now
  • 4 channel: $379 Buy now
  • 1st-year service included renews for $50/year
  • Automations for each channel
    • Controlled by the box, these function without connectivity
    • On temperature
    • Off temperature
    • On and off by time
  • Uses LTE-M and NB-IoT bands deployed as part of 5G rollouts
  • Operates much further from cellular towers than normal 3G or 4G
  • Warranted as long as service is maintained
  • Available custom options:
    • World-wide service in 130 Countries
    • 8 configurable analog / sensor inputs
    • Up to 4 thermocouple inputs
    • Additional custom sensor options

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I control with SwitcheOn?

Anything that requires power!

  • Remote reboot of routers/switches/modems
  • Security systems
  • Automatically power your engine heater
    • Boats
    • Pickup Trucks
    • Semi Trucks
    • Airplanes
  • Charge your Boat or RV batteries before you leave
  • Pre-cool your RV refrigerator
  • Remote irrigation control
  • Feed augers
  • Watering troughs

How many people can control one SwitcheOn?

  • As many as you want
  • New users can scan the device directly, or the code from another user
  • Share with as many users as you like!

Will it work in my hangar,barn or warehouse?

Most likely, yes. The vast majority of SwitcheOns are installed in metal buildings and work perfectly right out of the box. About 2% of users require larger antennas. If you have signal issues, contact us and we’ll help you chose a correct antenna.

Is there coverage in my area?

You can check coverage with Verizon on the following website:

Uncheck everything except LTE-M

Verizon Coverage


If you purchase a SwitcheOn and find that coverage is not available, we’ll gladly refund your money. To date, not a single customer has taken us up on this.

Is it available in Canada?

SwitcheOn operates on the Telus network in Canada and is available now! Please email stephen@iocanada.com to purchase for the Canadian market.

How do I setup my SwitcheOn?

  • Download the mobile app
  • Plug in your SwitcheOn
  • Scan the QR code displayed on the SwitcheOn

How do I use my SwitcheOn?

  • Open the SwitcheOn mobile app
  • Toggle a switch

I scanned the QR on my new SwitcheOn and it isn't online yet

  • SwitcheOn’s included year of service begins the first time the device is scanned. On first scan, we activate the built-in SIM and provision the service.
  • This usually happens in seconds, but can occasionally take up to 15 minutes.
  • If after waiting 15 minutes, the device has not provisioned, please un-plug and re-plug the box. This will force it to immediately try connecting again.
  • After the intial activation, SwitcheOn should connect within 1 minute after being powered up.

My box goes offline at night

  • SwitcheOn depends upon your local Verizon cellular network.
  • Cellular signals travel differently at night and in different temperatures and humidity levels.
  • If your box operates correctly during the day and not at night, a larger antenna might be necessary.
  • Contact us for advice on chosing a proper antenna. There are plenty of inexpensive options available and we’re here to help.


  • SwitcheOn is not intended to be permanently wired to any electrical system.
  • Unplug the unit for any servicing required. You run the risk of electric shock if you do not do so.
  • Misuse of this device can cause fire, personal injury, property damage or death.
  • Read the Warnings and Instructions provided with this product before use.
  • SwitcheOn must be installed and or used in accordance with appropriate electrical codes and regulations.
  • To avoid damage, do not exceed the maximum load (15A). If this value is exceeded, the SwitcheOn will be damaged and no longer function.
  • Before using the SwitcheOn with multiple devices, ensure that the electrical circuit into which the unit is plugged has sufficient capacity to handle the electric circuit load of the multiple devices.
  • If you are unsure about any part of these instructions, consult an electrician.

How does SwitcheOn handle power outages?

  • When power returns, SwitcheOn remembers what to do.
  • All outlets will return to the state they were in when power was interrupted.
  • Automations will be reloaded, but if an alarm has been missed, it will not run late for safety reasons.

How does SwitcheOn handle poor reception?

  • The Switcheon box communicates with our server every minute. Even in marginal coverage, these messages will occasionally get through. All that is required for positive control is a single message transfer.
  • Switcheon’s automations are automated in the box itself. Programmed automations will continue to function whether cellular is available or not.

How widespread are NB-IoT and LTE-M?

  • Several carriers have rolled out one or the other nationwide in the US
  • Our testing has shown reliable service even in very remote areas

How is SwitcheOn service managed?

  • The first year of service is included with every new SwitcheOn.
  • Subsequent years are $50
  • There are no sim cards to manage, maintain or refill.
  • The app will prompt for payment information when you’re nearing expiration.
  • Payment information can be entered in advance and the device will automatically renew at expiration.

What is the warranty on SwitcheOn

As long as service is maintained, your SwitcheOn is guaranteed to work. If it doesn’t, contact us and we’ll resolve the problem or refund your money.

Live SwitcheOn Demo

This is a streaming camera showing a SwitcheOn device with 4 neon lamps attached to it. For simplicity’s sake, we’ve overlaid the device’s screen on the video.
Download the app, scan the QR and you can control our SwitcheOn.

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  • Streaming video has a delay.
  • If the image is dark, use the app to turn on a lamp!

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