4G/LTE remote power switch

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SwitcheOn is the ultimate 4G/LTE remote power switch. It slices, it dices, it does whatever you want it to do and it does it EASILY. Easy to use mobile apps, automatic recovery after power failure, temperature sensing and easy to use automations deliver the solution you need to your remote power switching problems.

Download the app and control our live demo at: https://switcheon.com/


  • 4G/LTE Remote power switching
    • Switch 2, 4 or 6 channels
    • Up to 15 amps (1800 watts)
  • Monitoring
    • Temperature sensor
    • Available analog/sensor inputs
  • Bright OLED display
    • Local and ZULU time
    • Cellular Signal status
    • Power/port status
    • Temperature
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS
  • 2 channel: $249
  • 4 channel: $379
  • 1st-year service included renews for $50/year
  • Automations for each channel
    • Controlled by the box, these function without connectivity
    • On temperature
    • Off temperature
    • On and off by time
  • 4G/LTE
    • Uses LTE-M and NB-IoT bands deployed as part of 5G rollouts
    • Long term availability
  • Operates much further from cellular towers than normal 3G or 4G
  • Warranted as long as service is maintained
  • Available custom options:
    • World-wide service in 130 Countries
    • 8 configurable analog / sensor inputs
    • Up to 4 thermocouple inputs
    • Additional custom sensor options

Designed and assembled in USA. A product of https://malmoset.com/

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 12 cm

2 Channel, 4 Channel

22 reviews for 4G/LTE remote power switch

  1. Chuck Henze (verified owner)

    Rare customer service in this day and age. Supplier problems caused a shipping delay. They kept me up to date every step of the way. This is very easy to set up and use. It’s what you’ve been waiting for. Buy it!

  2. David H (verified owner)

    I had a tech problem-Sean was GREAT in helping me. I’ll reinterate exactly what Chuck said!

  3. Gordon VS (verified owner)

    This is just a great idea that was much needed to make it easier to fly in cold weather. Just unboxed it and it works flawlessly. Can’t wait to set it up. Had some questions for support that Sean quickly answered on a Saturday.

  4. Jim W. (verified owner)

    This is the remote switch we’ve been waiting for! No more trips to the airport the day before you plan to fly in order to plug in the timer. Great product and great support.

  5. Jim M (verified owner)

    This is what we have been waiting for in the cold weather areas. Wow, wow and wow. Easily set up and very affordable. Get one before they are terminally back ordered!

    • admin

      I hope we don’t end up terminally back-ordered!

  6. Craig Young (verified owner)

    Fantastic product and even better customer service! Cannot recommend enough! If you need remote control of power in out of the way locations, stop looking and buy this!

  7. Randy Lewellen (verified owner)

    As noted above, this is a great product and I would not hesitate to buy again. The technical support is top notice also!

  8. Viking

    Super easy to set up and work seemingly. Great UI decide and I definitely will recommend to all my friends.
    I love it.

  9. paco

    bought a few months ago… works well.. about to buy another one for a twin engine

  10. joseph perez (verified owner)

    Great product and great customer service. id like to see more products like motion sensors, cameras etc. just ordered my second one

  11. Kelly (verified owner)

    This is one of the best products for the hangar in aviation! While the airport has WiFi, it’s too far from the general aviation hangars for a WiFi switch to pick up. This switch operates on cellular and so long as there is a cellular signal, it works. Now I can turn on my engine pre-heat before getting to the airport (or even my cabin preheat) and the plane’s motor and/or cabin can be warm and ready for service. 10 out of 10! On a side note, I exceeded the 1800w capacity and burnt one of the fuses in the unit, after an email, my unit was repaired and sent back to me… EXCELLENT customer service! A new feature in the app allows for a timer to countdown and turn off – innovation at its best!

  12. Dave

    It works great! We’ve had it for two winter sessions. it controls our 182 engine heater. With the app we can also see the temperature in the hanger. Had a problem with the first one we got. Sean was great about what the issue was and got us a replacement promptly. Looking at getting another for a different application.

  13. Tom S. (verified owner)

    This thing just works. Had it for a couple years now and it’s by far the most elegant solution for preheating your aircraft. Mine is installed in an all metal hangar where the cell signal is poor on the OUTSIDE, and it’s been 100% reliable.

  14. J. Duncan

    This product is a great tool for anyone looking to restart internet routers and modems remotely (office, primary home, second home, etc.). 9 times out of 10 a restart of your modem or router will bring your internet back online, and SwitcheOn works where most IP restart switches will fail.

    No more calling our neighbors for help restoring internet connectivity!

  15. Dustin Woodhouse (verified owner)

    We bought this to run independent heaters on our club airplanes. We were hangared in a drafty log hangar and have been able to rely on the switch-e-on for dependable pre-heating. We also worked with the developers to request additional features on their programmatic API. They were extremely helpful and receptive, and as a result, we have automated preheating so it watches our reservation calendar and kicks on the pre-heating devices prior to each reservation. We’re so grateful for the switch-e-on and the support they’ve provided!

  16. Tom Hale

    Finally a well- built reliable remote switch. Going to the airport in the cold weather to set the timer for the preheat is the thing of the past. It is very easy to program and has great support. The first year of service comes with it so the price is very reasonable.

  17. Kevin Johnson

    I purchased my Switcheon Power Control to preheat my Aeronca Champ. I have individual cylinder heaters and also an oil tank heater. This unit works flawlessly. I installed it inside my metal hanger without an outside antenna and can turn it on and off without any issues. It tells me when it’s on. It also lets me know the outside temp. I simply turn it on via the App which tells me it’s on a couple hours before I go to the hanger and I have a warm engine when I arrive. This thing is awesome. And reasonably priced. Plus you don’t need WiFi. Perfect!!!!

  18. Keith Klos

    I bought this to preheat my Wittman Tailwind. Originally thought about trying to design and build my own unit but soon realized that this unit is way better. No creating an additional phone # or buying a sim card or managing a cellular connection. Works well inside my metal hangar. Tells me the temp and I can program it to turn on or off by time/date/ temperature. No wifi but if I need that while in the hangar, I just use my phone hotspot. Great product, great people to work with.

  19. Rob B.

    I purchased this because I had ongoing problems with a competitor’s product. I use this for my aircraft’s engine pre-heater. The Switcheon is very easy to set up – the QR code is a great idea. My hangar is in an area with questionable cell phone service (I use Verizon and the reception is generally 1-2 bars). I’ve had the Switcheon for about two weeks and it’s been very reliable. The ambient temperature sensor is a very nice feature and updates constantly. The service fee (annual, after the first year) is much less than the competitor’s unit. Highly recommended.

  20. Kevin Lawrence

    I have worked in IT nearly 30 years. Rarely do I see a product that is elegantly so simple and perfect. I was unfamiliar with the brand, but I will be back for more. Bravo to whoever designed this.

  21. Ken Nebrig

    UNBELIEVABLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I have used the Switcheon to control my pre-heat system for my airplane for the past 2.5 years since there is no wifi or internet at my hangar. I recently had some electrical issues (non Switcheon related) that caused my Switcheon unit to stop working. I contacted Jake & Sean and they told me that my unit was guaranteed as long as it was in service & they immediately sent me a free replacement. Lo and behold, my hangar electricity caused a second Switcheon to go buns-up immediately. Finally the spiking issue was resolved & Jake at Swicheon sent me ANOTHER Switcheon unit free of charge (and offered to credit me the return freight on the other two). Third box works perfectly. I can’t begin to tell you how excellent the customer service has been. They honored their lifetime warranty without question & did so cheerfully. By the way, my Swicheon controls my Tanis Heater, two battery minders and a cockpit heater with no issues. This product does exactly what it is advertised to do. Easy to install, easy to use, App is very straightforward to use. BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  22. Dirk K

    I bought the marconi 2 channel for my webasto car heater. It’s replacing my old genuine webasto thermocall TC3 that went obsolete here when gsm g2 network went offline. It’s been working like a charm and it’s very inexpensive.

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